Case Study : Preparing the Office for COVID-19

Posted on July 13, 2020

The safety and health of their employees and families are of the highest priority. Businesses are looking for ways to institute policies and workflows that support COVID-19 safety measures as they prepare to reopen buildings.  

Tactics such as reducing the number of employees on site, increasing the physical space a person inhabits, temperature checks upon entry of the building, and requiring employees to wipe down surfaces are being implemented.  

Our client, the Arthur Jackson Company, came to us with this exact challenge. They asked us to create a process that had little turn around time and could accommodate over 100 locations with a workforce that works in shifts around the clock.

A+L was also thinking about the exact same challenge but on a smaller scale. We wondered if we could identify a system that could accommodate both of our needs? Learn more about how we solved this issue in our case study here.