You understand social media is crucial for your business, but how important is it? 84% of the U.S. population currently uses social media. In addition, 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase products and services based on social media recommendations.

The social media landscape itself is at an inflection point. It’s evolving from a way to keep up with your friends into becoming a sounding board for premium creators. With some work, you can get a piece of this valuable attention. And A + L Development can help.

How to do social media management well

Social media can become another piece of your marketing assets. However, you must develop a plan.

Having a good social media strategy means creating content for your audience in a way your audience expects that will also align with the platform you’re using. The companies that perform best on social keep a consistent posting schedule and provide informative content that fits their audience and their chosen social platform.

When performed well, a social media strategy attracts users to your company and shares your work with others. When performed poorly, it will give off the impression that you do not care about your business (and your prospect will think they shouldn’t trust you with theirs).

A + L can help you manage your social media

The two issues with social media strategy are time and approach. Social media requires a steady amount of effort. In addition, you should direct your efforts in the right way. These responsibilities are where A + L can help.

If you’re new to social media, A + L can determine which networks best fit your business. Through their graphic design capability, A + L can also support your business in creating steady content your followers will love.

One of the main drawbacks of social media is the time commitment involved. A + L can schedule your social posts with a custom scheduling interface to craft your posting calendar or send your content in real time. The posting process can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like.  

Finally, A + L can provide accurate data to improve your posts and core objectives. Social media offers actionable data you can use for your business. A + L can help you harness it through a regular reporting process to ensure you get the best return on investment possible. You’ll find out which posts work best for your audience so you can post similar content more regularly. You’ll also find out which posts fall flat, so you can adjust them or stop posting them all together.

Make your own rules

Social media companies have come under scrutiny for the power they have. With A + L as a partner, you no longer have to play by the big companies’ rules—you can create your own.

A + L can make your own social media platform that your employees and the general public can use. Access can be as open or exclusive as you want it to be. You can contact A + L for more details.

Your customers and clients are already on social. Now’s the opportunity to put yourself in front of them.

Don’t waste any more time. Talk to A + L Development about social media management.