New technology requires creative thinking and precise execution. A + L DEVELOPMENT boasts the experience of writing code for these devices, putting us before other area firms of any size:

We manage the deployment of the hardware and software.

We orchestrate the provision and syncing of devices through automation.

We keep all code open and web-based for quick updates and project enhancement.

We provide clients solutions like custom dashboards and content management systems so they may make their own changes seamlessly and easily.

Why Not Someone Else?

With this new technology, your company needs to hire a partner with the right experience. There are common hazards you’ll need to address to keep things running smoothly.

Security - If you can’t offer protection for your devices, then you’ll need to rethink your project. A + L understands how ransom-ware can shut down cloud vendors and service providers. Hackers could also use devices to take advantage of security gaps and even reprogram code.

Privacy - Personal data hacking can also lead to violations of consumer privacy. There are stiff penalties for violating user privacy laws, especially in the E.U. Security breaches have the potential to incur huge penalties through fines and lost reputation.

Internet Walls - Despite the need for the safest network possible, your company’s infrastructure must also be built for accessibility. A + L will build your IoT server network to provide the most protection without limiting user activities.

How Does A + L Do It ?

A+L DEVELOPMENT will execute your project on a transparent and
collaborative basis. They'll do the heavy lifting while keeping your company
informed on the procedures and changes.

Here's how:

Outlining the Project

The team discusses the project with your stakeholders to determine what you want to build. Afterward, they will conduct site research for location-related projects.

Beginning Work on Development

The team ensures that deliverables are on time, planning for the unexpected and meeting deadlines accordingly.

Testing the Code

Our developers run extensive tests to minimize revisions. They take preemptive measures to ensure your project is bug-free upon completion.

Do A Final Review & Handover

Control is handed back over to the client. A + L will be on call to troubleshoot issues, including on-site support.

Post-Contract / Ongoing Maintenance

A + L offers IoT maintenance services like web-based updates and upgrades.

There’s still time to be on the front line of this exciting opportunity.
Imagine what you can do with the Internet of Things — and the right partner.