Change is good. In fact, refreshing website content is necessary to keep readers coming back for more. What shouldn’t change is the integrity of your design. A+L DEVELOPMENT creates custom CMS or Content Management Systems that assure your client of ease of use, while assuring you that your design will remain intact.

A+L DEVELOPMENT’s proprietary CMS is customized to meet the needs of each website. We enhance and extend the unique features of our CMS with handwritten code to create optimum ease of use and depth of capability. The A+L DEVELOPMENT Content Management System is tested on all browsers and is compliant with all industry standards. A variety of add-on tools and templates are available.

Our custom Content Management Systems enable easy content editing, while automatically managing behind the scenes functions. These include:

  • Automatic generation of navigation elements
  • Enabling searchable and indexable content
  • Tracking of users, their permissions and security settings
  • Other custom CMS for WordPress, Shopify, and Square Space