Maximizing online marketing opportunities requires a clear strategy and effective tactics for Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Marketing and Website Monitoring and Analysis. A+L is a Philadelphia SEO Firm that can help you harness the power of Google and Bing. We guide your online marketing strategy from keywords to conversions.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the foundational building block of an effective SEO strategy. A+L will identify the keywords that can be most effective in achieving a prominent ranking on search engine results. Various hypotheses will be created and tested to determine which keywords are most relevant to both your website content and the content sought by your target audience. In addition, we will review your competitors’ keywords, so that we have a full understanding of the potential challenges to SEO optimization in your market.

Initial SEO Setup

Once the right keywords are identified, A+L can tailor your website to meet search engine requirements, giving your keywords and content the best possible opportunity for high rankings in search results. We will assure that there are no missing links or images, and that your sitemap is registered with the search engines. Most importantly, we will optimize your existing site using industry best practices.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing can significantly enhance your search engine rankings, as well as the volume and quality of traffic to your website, by making it easy for customers already interested in a product, service or topic, to find you. Inbound marketing tactics are based on the creation of content, including blogs, online press releases and various forms of social media. A+L offers a variety of inbound marketing packages. We can create and manage content development for you, or guide your staff in creating effective content.

Website Monitoring

For many businesses and organizations, a website is the central hub of activity, communication and ecommerce. It’s critical that these sites be continually monitored for smooth, uninterrupted operation. A+L can monitor your website at 15 minute intervals, 24×7. When an issue is detected, you will receive an email alert. The problem can then be corrected in a timely manner. Additional service plans are available for a more rapid response.

SEO Monitoring

For continued effectiveness, it’s critical to monitor your website traffic, and refine your SEO strategies. We can monitor your website, track results and ensure that your site is easily ranked in organic searches. Additionally, A+L can provide monthly reports that show your website’s existing listings, search engines rankings, visitor behavior (bound rates, pages visited) and other key data.

Website Backup

To protect your company from data loss, your system must be backed up on a regular basis. A+L can provide reliable back-up services, along with peace of mind. Our services include daily backups of the website and database, co-location and off-site backups, periodic snapshots and capabilities that enable easy recovery from viruses, accidental deletes or server crashes.

For complete information on A+L’s SEO capabilities and service packages, please contact us.