Beyond Celiac :

The Migration Solution

A + L DEVELOPMENT recently completed an extensive WordPress migration for the non-profit Beyond Celiac. The group had been using a CMS that was far too complicated for everyday use. The system had limited features, and employees added content to the system incorrectly. These issues required a lot of active maintenance. The association even shelved tasks because the system didn’t work like it should.

This project took several months to complete and required creative know-how. The A + L team discovered content couldn’t be saved through common data transfer options. Instead, they crawled the entire site of nearly 14,000 content pages, indexing these pages like a search engine, to recoup the entries. They then ran custom scripts to fix past problems, including deleting a surplus of duplicate pages. All relevant data was then migrated to a WordPress platform.

The client now has substantially lowered hosting costs using WordPress’s open-source Linux network compared to its previous Windows .NET server. It also allows for a choice of plug-ins and optimized bandwidth with its CDN services. The client can now scale its CMS to its needs — and is very happy as a result.

How Does A + L Do It ?

A+L DEVELOPMENT is open and transparent with its proposals.

Here's what they do.

Assess the Scope

A + L looks at your database, CMS and entire website to determine how to start migrating to WordPress. Next, they will create a plan of action to retrieve your files and posts. Afterward, A + L will write custom scripts for the conversion of the content of the site.

Outlining the Project

They will then discuss the scope of the project with your stakeholders to determine what you want for your migration and how to get there.

Testing the Code

The developers build and run the code for the migration. Once A + L saves the data files, they will then move them to a custom WordPress template. The look and feel of the website can stay the same, or enhancements can be added.

Do A Final Review & Handover

Control is handed back over to the client. A + L will be on call to troubleshoot issues.

Post-Contract / Ongoing Maintenance

A + L wants your CMS to run smoothly. They will ensure your employees learn the new interface through training and provide maintenance whenever needed.