Why is design different from development?

Solving two problems will determine the success of your digital project. The first is delivering a property your customers can understand and use. The second is attaching visual elements to your property that can captivate a user’s attention.

These two conditions highlight the differences between development and design. Development relates to the code in bringing your idea to life on the screen and how well it works. Design deals with the visual components that charm the user and deliver a pleasing experience.

Finding solutions for development and design requires two different parts of the brain. Development is logic-based and relies on left-brain attributes—patterns, sequencing, and recall. Design is artistic based and values right-brain skills—imagination, conception, and intuition. A development firm can rarely switch between these two requirements.

Why A + L can do development and design

Most firms specializing in development only provide coding and functionality. Because these firms can’t pair their code with good design, finding and hiring a capable designer becomes your responsibility.

Their specialty puts businesses like yours at a disadvantage. You will need to hire a graphic designer by either asking contacts for referrals or searching for the right candidate on job boards. Either way, you’ll be spending valuable time looking for a new creative partnership without a guarantee of success.

But that’s where A + L sets itself apart. A + L realizes businesses like yours need services committed to programming as well as providing the appropriate imagery that goes with it.

Because of this, A + L offers graphic design services, giving your business the best of development and design (all under the oversight of A + L’s founder, Andrew Long, a trained graphic designer).

This flexibility provides one partner for both of your needs. A + L can handle the coding and testing for your digital project while creating the visual parts needed to make your vision stand out. There’s no need to hire another professional. A + L can spearhead managing your project from proposal to final launch.

But it doesn’t end there. A + L can also help provide branding, image generation, and distribution for all your graphic design essentials—even if it’s not for a development project. These services include:


Company Branding

Website Redesign

Print Materials

Social Media Content



For any idea you can think of for your business, A + L can design it. They are as committed to your customers’ visual experience as much as the code behind it.
Contact A + L Development below to learn how your vision can become a work of art today.