With the safety and health of their employees and their families being of highest priority, businesses are looking for ways to institute policies and workflows that support COVID-19 safety measures as they prepare to reopen buildings.  

Tactics such as reducing the number of employees on site, increasing the physical space a person inhabits, temperature checks upon entry of the building, and requiring employees to wipe down surfaces are being implemented.  

Businesses need a process to manage this system, documenting that all necessary precautions are being taken. 

Our client, the Arthur Jackson Company, came to us with this exact challenge.They asked us to create a process that had little turn around time and could accommodate over 100 locations with a workforce that works in shifts around the clock. 

A+L was also thinking about the exact same challenge but on a smaller scale. We wondered if we could identify a system that could accommodate both of our needs? 



The Arthur Jackson Company, Philadelphia’s largest privately held building maintenance company, has employees deployed at over 100 of the buildings it services.  

They needed a digital process where its employees would sign a form indicating they complete a checklist of steps before and after their time on the client’s property. 


A+L worked with Arthur Jackson to implement DocuSign, an agreement management platform to its workflow. DocuSign offers electronic delivery of documents via email, allowing for digital signing that is secure. Additionally, DocuSign generates copies for both the HR manager and the employee, emailing them to addresses on record.

DocuSign has a special feature called a PowerForm. A PowerForm is a way to create a ‘self-service’ document for digital signatures that is initiated from a unique, secure URL that you can make available for signers/employees to complete. In using the PowerForm approach, A+L used a custom field value for the form to be identified by building specific QR Code. The employee is then sent to the secure URL to sign the form and checklist.

When the employee completes the checklist, they take a picture of a QR code with their phone (Android or iPhone), which opens DocuSign showing the associated PowerForm. The employee signs the form then clicks submit which triggers a PDF to be emailed to both the employee and the HR manager.

There are 3 key parts that make this solution attractive:

  1. It is Efficient for any building location

  2. It is easily scalable. A+L implemented the solution for its offices (1 location)

  3. It is flexible. Should anything change in the procedure or process, Arthur Jackson can manage it from one, central location in

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