Strain Optics was founded in 1985 by Alex Redner, an international authority in the field of stress analysis with over 35 years of experience. World leaders in stress measurement instrumentation and optical inspection equipment for the glass and plastics industries, their mission is to make sure that their clients can optimize their production processes and create the best products possible through stress measurement.

A + L Development (A + L) helped develop and create an Auto GASP software application for use in the Windows Operating System. This Windows based application captures and converts an analog to digital video stream (using a StrainOptics camera device) in order to capture an image, to detect stress fractures. When capturing, image calculations are made for angle of lines with constant (K) to calculate strain on glass. The user can enter a constant/variable in input field and calculations are processed and then save the image to desktop.


  • C#
  • In Visual Studio


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