In 2018 A+L Development (A+L) helped develop and create a software application Auto GASP using the Windows Operating System, programming in C# and In Visual Studio.  A+L assisted in upgrading the software’s overall functionality and design to the newly released software application GASP Pro in the GASP® series, in October 2020.

Since their introduction to the glass market in 1990, Strainoptics’ GASP® Polarimeters have been the world renowned instrument for measuring the surface stress of soda-lime glass. Each GASP is portable, easy to use, and can be used on tempered, heat-strengthened, or annealed glass. They are used to validate furnace settings for manufacturers of safety glass, to confirm stress-relief in annealed glass, for outbound QC by tempering plants, or by architects and building inspectors to validate strength of installed panes.


A+L programmed the software to log measurements automatically and in real time allowing users to spot-check the glass quickly and easily. Users can capture measurement data and fringe pattern images on the GASP Pro hard drive, then transfer all data to a central database by simply logging onto the GASP Pro from a PC and downloading what is needed. GASP Pro comes with a mobile phone and phone mount, allowing for attached or detached use – taking measurements up to 25 feet away from the device. 

A+L programmed for GASP Pro to be used by any mobile device in which multiple users can log onto via a unique wifi hotspot. Improvements included the ability to create reports, generate five tests on each piece of glass for certification, saving data points with date & time of collection and for GASP Pro to calculate angles digitally.


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