Clean Air Council is Philadelphia's oldest environmental non-profit. In developing '', the Council wanted to provide air pollution information from the coke oven industry that impacts the health of residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and beyond.  Specifically they wanted to incorporate a 'reporting tool widget' for residents to pinpoint locations on a map, to report air pollution across the state and PA counties.  

Clean Air Council wanted an easy way to edit/update page content, a contact form for potential non-profits partners to send inquiries, and a news blog in which users could share posts via social media with ease. 

A+L developed a custom responsive website with a Wordpress-based CMS and was able to incorporate the reporting tool widget.   


Design Credit:
Warkulwiz Design Associates


  • Custom HTML
  • Responsive/Mobile Website
  • Wordpress-based CMS
  • Web Applications