Beyond Celiac unites patients and partners to drive diagnosis, advance research, accelerate the discovery of new treatments and find a cure for celiac disease.

The Beyond Celiac website is a major hub of information for patients, serving over 71,750 weekly visitors. Content across the site’s 6,000 pages is updated almost daily, featuring over 850 recipes, 1100 news articles, 230 events and growing! After a messy website overhaul, Beyond Celiac saw their rankings and monthly visits plummet. While the site was mobile responsive, the functionality was lacking, requiring enhancements to improve user experience. To solve this issue, A + L Development implemented more advanced metadata for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which also improved overall site speed and load times.

Beyond Celiac wanted to migrate their website from a proprietary .Net CMS (Content Management System) on IIS to a custom WordPress Template and CMS on a Linux server. Additionally, they wanted to move their hosting to Amazon Web Services. The scope of this project included re-skinning the website to be modified into a custom responsive site with a WordPress CMS, a full server migration, SEO migration to ensure search engine rankings were maintained, and providing long-term, ongoing support.


  • HTML development
  • Custom WordPress CMS
  • Custom WordPress Template
  • Responsive
  • Database Migration and Merging
  • Web Hosting and SEO Migration
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