A + L Development produced a web application for PEX Summer Festival to host an online volunteer work-exchange. The client’s request included a way for admins to manage and create volunteer shifts on the back-end which would then populate on the front-end. Festival volunteers could then create user accounts to sign up and manage their own shifts on the front-end. The main goal was for PEX Online Work Exchange Sign up to keep track of the number of people needed for each volunteer shift and to also tally up the ‘work credits’ for each volunteer, which would be used towards paying off their entry for the festival.

  • BACK-END (Admin)
  • Ability to print out an Excel compatible file with all volunteers info and shifts
  • Ability to lock shifts for authorization approval
  • Ability to track no-shows and add notes to a volunteer’s shift
  • Ability to add multiple roles to a volunteer shift
  • Warnings alerts will show up if a person signed up for overlapping shifts
  • Volunteer shifts are hidden when full
  • Points can be added to shifts that are tabulated in the dashboard for required hours or fulfillment requirements
Website Application | Custom HTML