The Arthur Jackson Companys’ iMOPS (Interactive Management Operations System) desktop portal launched in 2015,  providing participating clients with 24/7 access to their maintenance needs and every aspect of their buildings’ upkeep. The iMOPS mobile application is an extension of the desktop platform as a front-end interface which was developed for iPhone and Android, increasing overall functionality in utilization and bringing new levels speed and efficiencies to team communication by migrating users to engage with iMOPS via this custom mobile application.

A + L developed the IMOPS mobile app over the course of a year with three releases to support a continuous roll out.

Features for the iMOPS for mobile includes:

  • Compatible on Android and iPhone operating systems less than a year old
  • API between app and iMOPS CMS for real time integrations
  • Personalized permissions based on user’s role
  • iMOPS online portal design guide applied for easy user adoption and navigation of application
  • Streamlined workflow:
  • Log requests from application
  • Respond to requests in application (no longer needing to use the CMS for all responses
  • Instantaneous notification system reducing response times from minutes to seconds (< than 1 minute)
  • Consolidation of alerts and response workflows from 2 platforms to 1
  • The existing workflow of logging into the front end to report a request then accessing the CMS to manage responses will be brought in-application to one central location
  • Document, photo and video attachment upload capability
  • Online Help section built in for user support
  • Mobile interface for customers to have access to iMOPS from any property or location – no more needing to open a laptop or wait until getting back to the office to log new requests
  • Dashboard view makes it easy for Arthur Jackson employee to understand full scope of property
  • Ability to add issue related photos and documentation directly from device Photo Library
  • All 10 areas of online portal with existing functionality

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