PEX Summer Festival

The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) is a grassroots organization that works to provide engaging experiences and connect people with a shared desire for creativity. The PEX Summer Festival is an annual, four-day multifaceted music and art celebration.

PEX envisioned a website that would supported its goals of reaching out in many ways, and bringing people together.  Because the summer festival is an annual event, PEX wanted the ability to change and update information on a regular basis. The site needed to accommodate videos and photo galleries, and connect seamlessly to a third-party ticketing system.

For 2016, A+L oversaw the new web design and has maintained PEX Summer Festival's back-end database for a fresh start for this year's festival. 


Design Credit:
Hedy Sirico & Dave Bailey & Duane Clemmer

  • Custom A+L CMS
  • Full AJAX integration
  • Integration with Flickr
  • Integration with third-party ticketing
  • Mobile Device Compatibility
  • Share widget for social media